We’ve been busy gals here at B. Whimsy. Decorating houses, planning our annual XIT Tailgate (excited to share details soon!), taking kids to camp, sneaking away for a little vacation…  So, we didn’t quite make it in time for our regularly scheduled Friday Five yesterday! To make it up to you, we are sharing some before and afters from a recent decorating job Kari worked on! The transformation is pretty awesome. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Decorating by B. Whimsy

This dining area is one of our favorite transformations, because it really underscores the importance of the size and shape of artwork. When Kari is searching for art for a customer, she always seems to look for shape and size before color and subject. Of course, the colors and subject are important too – but the wrong size and shape will throw the entire room out of balance.

In this dining room, the proportions were off. Although the piece of furniture is large and makes an impact, the painting wasn’t quite right. By replacing the single, shorter painting with a pair of taller prints, this focal wall now draws your eye for all the right reasons.

Decorating by B. Whimsy

Here’s another before and after from the same house:

Decorating by B. WhimsyBookcases and builtins are an area that so many people struggle with. Proportions, layering, and lighting are so important – and some of the design elements that are hardest to master.

That said, rearranging and redecorating your builtins is also one of the easiest ways to make your living room feel new and fresh.  Several of the items in the “after” picture were things the customer already had – Kari just moved them, arranged them, and mixed in some new statement pieces.

Some tips to get you started on bookshelves…

  • If you can, differ the height of the shelves. Nothing will add interest quicker than removing a few shelves or moving them up or down so that it isn’t totally symmetrical.
  • Add something in the background to anchor the shelf. If you have darker cabinets, like these, opt for lighter art, trays, or mirrors that stand out. And if you have lighter cabinets, look for darker or colorful things to set off the space.
  • Layer in some light – lamps and/or candles are essential for bookshelves!
  • Add in something unexpected. In the picture below (which is on the other side of the fireplace in this same home), Kari added an interesting focal point with the more modern vase mixed with the more traditional elements.
  • In general, less is more and bigger is better. Look for big impact pieces instead of a lot of small things.

Decorating by B. WhimsyDecorating by B. Whimsy


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