Friday Five

Friday Five :: XIT 2016

It’s that time of year again! XIT will be here before we know it. We have some things planned that we know you’ll love. So, mark your calendar and join us for our annual XIT Tailgate and Sale! In the meantime, here’s a little preview.

1. Cooler Totes

These gift bags are one of my very favorite things from B. Whimsy! It’s a fun way to try new products, all while putting together a yummy meal. Not to mention, the steaks are pretty amazing.

We have a few left that haven’t been reserved yet – but they are going fast and quantities are limited! Call the store to reserve yours today – 806.244.2929.

XIT Cooler ToteXIT Tote Bag

2. XIT Tailgate

To kick off XIT week, we are hosting our annual XIT Tailgate on the Tuesday before the rodeo starts. We’ll have refreshments, lots of new arrivals, first chance to shop our annual XIT sale, and the cooler totes will be available for pick up! We will be open late, til 7 pm!

B. Whimsy :: XIT Tailgate

3. Sale, sale, sale

I don’t know what will be on sale yet… but we will be marking things down as much as 75% off! And, drum roll, for the very first time EVER, select items of Mariana jewelry will be discounted. This has literally never happened at B. Whimsy, and won’t happen again for a while, so you don’t want to miss it!

Mariana Jewelry :: B. Whimsy

4. New clothes

Dare I say it – it’s time to start thinking about back to school shopping! We are starting to get in transitional items that will carry into Fall. Plus some fun summery things, because, well, it’s still hot!

Women's Fashion by B. WhimsyWomen's Fashion by B. Whimsy

5. New Mariana

The new Fall collection will be available! The new colors are really gorgeous and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Mariana at B. WhimsyMariana at B. Whimsy

Friday Five :: Travel

Ashley and Kari send their love from Florida today. They are there with their families enjoying some yummy food, much deserved relaxation, and a little fun in the sun.


With that as inspiration… here are a five of our favorite travel necessities! (And – heads up! The Back To School Jon Hart specials will be starting next week!)

1. Curling and Flat Iron Cover by Vera Bradley

This is one of my personal favs – I definitely consider it a must have. For whatever reason, I always straighten or curl my hair last, right before heading out the door. Before I had this cover, I had to but my hot Chi directly into my suitcase. I love having this cover to protect both my Chi and my clothes from the heat!

Vera Bradley at B. Whimsy

2. Clear Grande by Jon Hart

The Clear Grande is so great for all of your toiletries. Since it is clear, I just use this when going through airport security instead of putting everything into a plastic baggy. Works like a charm!

In fact, Jon Hart makes lots of great little bags and pouches – for jewelry, for medicine, for charging cords, etc. So great to help you stay organized while away from home!

Jon Hart by B. WhimsyJon Hart at B. Whimsy

3. Corkcicle

Hey all you road trippers – keep your drink cold or hot with these Corkcicle canteens and tumblers! Also great for your drinks at the pool or beach! Their claim to fame – they keep cold drinks chilled for 25 hours and keep hot drinks warm for 12!

Corkcicle at B. Whimsy

4. Shag Bag by Jon Hart

How cute are these #BeachBags?! The Jon Hart Clear Shag Bag is so perfect for carrying all of your beach or pool necessities. Plus, it’s super easy to clean in case it gets sand on it!

Jon Hart at B. Whimsy

5. Square Duffel + Travel Kit

Jon Hart makes several  totes, duffels, and travel bags – from the smaller Daytripper to ones that are great for multi-day getaways. For guys, the square duffels are my favorite – and as a bonus, the travel kits fit perfectly in their side pockets!

Jon Hart by B. Whimsy

If you’re headed on a summer vacation soon – safe travels!

Friday Five :: Confident with Color

Last week, we posted on Facebook asking if you prefer to decorate with color or neutrals. The answers were varied. But we saw several people who commented they want to decorate with more color but always end up with neutrals.

Speaking from personal experience, decorating with color can definitely be a learned skill. There is most certainly an art to it – finding the right color palette and blending those colors together. But, 90% of it comes down to confidence in your choices. And for some of us, that takes time and effort.

When I started working at B. Whimsy, I was as neutral as it comes. Like, I thought I was edgy by mixing black with tan.

Kari kept telling me I needed more color. And, frankly, it kinda scared me at first. But, over the last three years, I’ve slowly gotten more and more comfortable with color – to the point that I crave it now. I’m in the process of decorating a new space and keep saying, “That’s not colorful enough!” – what a change in decor perspective!

Here are a few ways that B. Whimsy has helped me get more confident in my color choices over the years…

1. Pick your palette and stick with it.

If you aren’t totally comfortable developing your own color palette, find something that mixes the colors you want to use in the proportions you want. There are tons of inspiration palettes on Pinterest, for example.

For me, it was a piece of fabric. I found this fabric while looking for a different project, several years before I even moved into my house. I fell in love with this fabric, so I bought a few yard to have on hand in case I came up with a way to use it (I still haven’t used it!) When I started to face the fact that I needed a little more color in my house, it was so helpful to have a visual to reference when shopping. Greens, blue, and mustard. If I found something I liked that didn’t fit in the color palette, I skipped it.

Over the years, I’ve trended more toward blues and less toward the greens – but this definitely remains my primary palette.

WMW_7770Decor by B. Whimsy

2. Add a little color in unexpected places.

Your kitchen is a great place to experiment with color. Add bright hand towels, a fun set of canisters, or a colorful mat or rug. Since kitchens tend to be pretty neutral, these accents make a big impact.

Home decor by B. Whimsy

3. Start in small doses.

While you’re still getting comfortable with color, start in small doses. One of Kari’s favorite places to add color is in a book case to break up the single color – in this case, to break up the white. Use a tray, artwork, a big picture frame, or even cardboard covered with fabric as your background in the shelves. Add a few bright candle holders, a flower arrangement or some moss balls, and some colorful pottery, and you have a lot of color in an otherwise blank canvas.

Decor by B. Whimsy

4. Get a sample.

Most recently, I decorated my son’s nursery. I found this rug online and really loved it. It’s a little on the wild side, so I decided to order a 2×3 version of it first to make sure I really liked it in person before committing. I also ordered a calmer, more neutral rug sample just in case. Best decision ever – I definitely liked the bolder colors. Then, I was able to carry that sample rug with me as I shopped for the rest of the furniture and decorations. And, my laundry room got a little pick me up once I was done with the sample rugs – the 2×3 rugs are great to put by doors!

Rugs by B. WhimsyDecor by B. Whimsy

5. Go bold.

When you’re really feeling comfortable with your color palette, it’s time to go bold. One of the cardinal rules in decorating is to pick big items to make a bold statement. So, find a bold accent chair, a daring rug, a colorful piece of furniture – these bigger items that act as focal points will add the character and color you’re longing for!

Home Decor by B. Whimsy

Friday Five :: A Colorful Traditional

A few weeks ago, Kari and Ashley headed to Dumas to decorate a home. The homeowner describes her style as pretty traditional and she loves color! As you can see in the before and after photos before, Kari and Ashley totally transformed the space – even though they used most of the items that were already in the living room.

For our blog this week, they are sharing the before and after photos, as well as 5 decorating tips for making a big impact!

A big rug to define the space and set the color pallet is one of the most important investments you can make for your home. So often, we use rugs that are too small for the space. In general, the bigger the better – and if you’re on the fence about sizes, go for the bigger one!



Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Rearrange the furniture – and pull it off the walls! Instead of lining a room with furniture, put the seating space at an angle or float a couch or set of chairs off the wall. This makes the room way more interesting and dynamic.

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Find pieces that fill up as much wall space as possible. Nothing will dwarf artwork or a piece of furniture faster than an excess of blank space.

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Use big accessories to bring focus to the fireplace. Even if you can’t decorate the mantle because of a TV, you can add accessories on the hearth or flanking the fireplace so that it is the focal point of the room.



Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Soften the space with some floral accents and moss balls. All of the wood, metal, and glass from furniture, art, and accessories can get harsh and heavy. Balance it out with floral arrangements and some moss balls!

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Friday Five :: Red, White & Blue

The Fourth of July has always been my favorite holiday. Partially because my birthday is the fifth – but mainly because of the celebrations with friends and family, the amazing fireworks displays, and the chance to remember the values that our country has fought for and holds dear.

And the Fourth will be here before we know it! What are your plans? A weekend at the lake, watching fireworks in town, a backyard BBQ?

Here are some Red, White, and Blue essentials and outfit ideas to get you ready for whatever your plans are!

**Now through June 24th – come to B. Whimsy for your Fourth of July outfit and get a free bracelet! We love these new stackable bracelets and know you will too! (Offer valid on clothes purchases of $150+)

B. Whimsy

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to add a little color and subtly show off your patriotic spirit. This blue Mariana necklace is so beautiful and the perfect way to finish your Fourth of July outfit.

Mariana by B. Whimsy

Blue and white is such a popular color combination right now – especially the Mediterranean blues and navy blues.

This patchwork top is so fun for the Fourth – love the lace detail on the back.

B. WhimsyB. Whimsy

When I think of backyard picnics, I always think of red and white checkered tablecloths. I love how this blue and white checkered shirt channels that iconic look in a more modern and fashion forward way. Pair it with a red tank and some white crop jeans!

B. Whimsy

Long layers are really popular right now too – and this is from one of our favorite new lines at B. Whimsy. The mixed fabric and prints are really on-trend. Wear it open over a navy tank dress, or with this so-soft red tank and some white shorts!

WMW_7598And it’s not just your outfits that can get patriotic – add some red, white, and blue to your entertaining style. These enamelware bowls and serving dishes are so fun for a Fourth party, or grab a red or blue Jon Hart cooler for a picnic under the fireworks!

B. WhimsyB. Whimsy

Friday Five :: Social

It has been just over three months since my last blog post. In that time, my husband and I welcomed our first baby to the world. And then spent three months getting adjusted to this amazing, but totally different, world called parenthood.

In the days that I did nothing but change diapers, feed the baby, and answer his cries, I felt so unproductive, compared to my previous life. I won’t lie, it was a struggle. But, sometimes we need those dormant times in our life to think, to recharge, to grow, to find new ideas.

In this dormant season, I thought a lot about B. Whimsy and how to share all of the new and exciting things at the store with all of you. It seems that social media sites are making it increasingly hard for small businesses to communicate – or at least increasingly more expensive as they monetize and practically require sponsored content.

As I rocked my baby to sleep in the wee hours of the night, I thought about how it makes more sense to reward you guys, who have been so supportive and loyal to B. Whimsy for over a decade, rather than send that money off to a company for advertising.

For my first Friday Five back from maternity leave, here are some of the new things we’ll be doing online! We hope you guys enjoy it and have fun. And please, let us know what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see more of.

Weekly Winners

Every week, we’re giving something away on Facebook. Each time that you like, comment, and share one of our posts, you’ll be entered into the weekly giveaway. It might be a t-shirt, or a pair of earrings, or a gift card, or a coupon. We will announce what we are giving away when we announce the winner.

Mariana Jewelry at B. Whimsy

Pre-Orders & Pre-Sales

We are giving our Facebook and Instagram friends the chance to shop our clothes section first – and at a discount! Whenever we place a new order or new clothes come in, we will post for you guys to reserve your size first, with a 20% discount. But, you’ll have to act fast, as the discount will only be valid for a couple of days.



Before having a baby, I loved clothes and would spend quite a bit of time trying to put together the most flattering and creative outfit (even if I did usually end up in all black!) Now, I feel accomplished if I change out of pajama pants into yoga pants! Needless to say, my relationship with clothes has changed. So, I’m excited about the B. Whimsy Outfit of the Day (OOTD) simply for all of the outfit inspiration and ideas. Check our Instagram for OOTD inspiration.



We love seeing how you use B. Whimsy items in your life. We want to see how you style your home, the outfits you put together, or how a special gift made your day. Be sure to tag us in the photo and use #shopbwhimsy – and if we repost one of your photos, you’ll get a gift card!


Tips and Inspiration

One of my favorite things about working at B. Whimsy has been learning some of Kari’s and Ashley’s decorating tricks, as well as keeping up with the latest trends they see at Market. I so admire that they genuinely want to help people add some beauty, comfort, and functionality to their home and closet – it’s not just about selling products. So, I’m excited to tap into the creativity and years of experience that they have and share some of their tips and inspiration.

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

We so appreciate you for following us on social media, reading our blog, joining our mobile community, and shopping with us in the store! Leave a comment and let us know what you most want to see on social media!

Friday Five :: Five Things I Learned at B. Whimsy

Hi everyone – Julia here. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the currently pregnant blonde you see at the store and I do most of B. Whimsy’s social media, website, marketing, etc.

It’s hard to believe I’ve worked at the store for about three years now – and today is one of my last days before taking a break for maternity leave. I’ve learned a ton while working at B. Whimsy, as my personal and home decor style haves changed and developed and while picking up on some of Kari’s and Ashley’s expert tips!

So, for my last blog before baby comes, I’m sharing 5 things I’ve learned about dressing yourself or your home.

Trust your gut.

Over the last three years, I’ve talked with hundreds of you as you’ve shopped for your home, your closet, or your jewelry. Most people know what they like and what they don’t. Some just have a harder time hearing what their gut is telling them and trusting it.

But if you walk into a store and you’re drawn to something – there’s probably a reason. Even if what you’re loving is totally different than what you’d normally go for, there’s usually a way to work into your life and your existing style. So don’t be afraid to listen to yourself and be confident in your choices. I really think attitude and confidence is at least 75% of pulling something off!

For example, I walked into a store, saw this foot stool, and fell in love. It admittedly didn’t go with the colors in my living room (mustard and gray vs. greens and blues). But I loved it. So, I had B. Whimsy order it for me, and I added a few other mustard and gold touches to my living room to help tie it in.  Art, accessories, pillows all can go a long way toward blending colors and styles! And, to this day, that stool that didn’t match anything in my house is one of my favorite things in my living room.

Home Decor by B. Whimsy

Don’t be afraid of change.

B. Whimsy’s motto is “Always Changing, Always Different.” And, if you go a month or two between visits to the store, you’ll definitely notice that that’s true! The store is constantly changing, as new and different items arrive or as Kari and Ashley feel ready for a change.

It’s so interesting to watch this process, because sometimes it’s a huge change – like rearranging all of the furniture. And other time’s it’s a simple change – like swapping out rugs. Sometimes it will even feel like a new space when we just burn a different candle. It’s amazing how new a space feels when something is just a little different.

Empowered by this philosophy – and much to my husband’s chagrin – I’ve rearranged my main living areas about a hundred times in the last three years. Between decorating for parties or showers, decorating for Christmas, or just wanting a change, things move around pretty regularly in my house. When people come over, they often ask if Kari has been here decorating again?! (And, let’s be honest, sometimes she has!) But it’s usually just that I’ve moved one or two things – the couch in a new position, a floral arrangement in a new spot, or some paintings that I’ve rotated. Sometimes things stay like that for just a few days because it wasn’t such a good change, and other times they stay for months. But whatever the change is and for however long it stays like that, it’s always feels refreshed and new.





And after:

Decorating by B. Whimsy

And so on, times 100.

Invest in staples.

Last year, we did a blog series on Kari’s decorating all-stars; the items that make a room really shine. Interesting pieces of furniture, rugs, lamps, pillows, and art. (We will be re-visiting some of those all-stars on the blog in coming weeks, so stay tuned!) As I’ve seen her decorate numerous spaces and continually redecorate the store, I’ve seen just how important these staples are – and how much they deserve our investment to get exactly what we want. They are worth the time investment to get it just right, as well as the financial investment in items that stand the test of time.

In my own home, I can point to a few examples – my living room rug and these paintings, to name a few. As I’ve rearranged my living room time and time again, these items have always stayed in the same spot. They serve as the backdrop upon which I can layer the other furniture and accessories to achieve the change I want.

Decorating by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. Whimsy

Save on trends.

Trendy items, whether we’re talking about clothes or home decor, are key to making us feel current. They bring an element of change, excitement, interest.

But, they’re also fleeting. Trends come and go. They are the things you see everywhere (and, admittedly, love) that in a year or two, you’ll be tired of looking at.

For me, an example of that is chevron. (My friends and family laughed at me when my nursery theme included “NO CHEVRON” – a hard rule to follow in the baby world these days!) I have a few chevron things from when it was so popular a few years ago – this book box for example – and they’re sitting in a closet now. I loved these items for the pattern they brought to my life for a few seasons – but, thankfully, I didn’t spend much on them so it’s not a travesty that they’re in a spare closet for now.

Home Decor by B. Whimsy

Add some color. And some sparkle.

I remember when Kari first walked into my house to help me decorate for the Christmas Tour of Homes a few years ago. I had lived in my house for only a few months – and I knew I needed help! She walked in, looked around, and said “well, I see you haven’t committed to a color scheme yet!” I still laugh about this, because I thought I was pretty solidly in the green and brown color scheme. But, she helped me find ways to add pops of color to my neutral tendencies to make the space a little more interesting and dynamic.




Home Decor by B. Whimsy

Decorating by B. Whimsy

Likewise, working at B. Whimsy has definitely changed how I dress and accessorize. When I started working at B. Whimsy, you were most likely to find me in solid black and no jewelry. (And, pretty often, that’s still how you’ll find me!) But, B. Whimsy taught me to add in some color, some pattern, and some sparkle every now and then. It’s amazing how far it goes to add a little joy to your day.

So, put on your Mariana – even if it’s with a t-shirt and a messy bun – and conquer the day!

Mariana Jewelry by B. Whimsy

Friday Five :: Spring Preview

Shop and Sip with us today during our Spring Preview Event! We have lots of new items, discounts, giveaways, and refreshments! We’re open from 10-5:30 today, 213 Denrock Ave. Here are all the details of our Spring Shop and Sip Event:

1 – Preview all of our new items! New furniture, décor, floral, candles, and more!

Home Decor by B. Whimsy2 – Take 20% off one item, today only! Excludes furniture and Mariana Jewelry.


3 – Shop our brand new collection of Mariana Jewelry – and enter to win a pair of earrings! We’ll give away 3 pairs of earrings throughout the day. Automatically get an entry with every $50 you spend.

Mariana Jewelry at B. Whimsy

4 – Our Spring clothes are starting to arrive – be the first to shop our new arrivals! Plus, we’ll have $15 and $25 racks of jeans and Winter apparel!

Women's Fashion by B. Whimsy

5 – It’s FRI-YAY – and we’re celebrating the weekend! Join us for Happy Hour starting at 4!

Gifts by B. Whimsy

Friday Five :: Furniture

Last week, we started transforming the store, bringing in the new Spring arrivals. This season, we’re seeing lots of neutrals with metal accents of all colors – gold, silver, copper, rose gold. And, of course, lots of pops of green as we start transitioning to Spring. (Visit last week’s blog for a look at some of our new florals!)

Just like when we decorate in homes, we like to start with the anchor pieces when we redecorate the store: furniture. We found some new furniture vendors when we were in Atlanta last month, as well as some new and interesting pieces from some of our longtime favorite companies. So, for our blog this week, five new pieces of furniture we’ve gotten in lately!

Home Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. Whimsy

We’re really excited about these new pieces of furniture because they blend together the trendy gray tones with the dark browns and cream tones that have been popular for the past several years. Many of you have commented that you don’t know how to blend the two looks together – and sometimes all it takes is a key piece of furniture, a rug, or painting to tie the different colors together. Come by the store for more ideas and to see what else is new!

Friday Five :: Spring Florals

This beautiful, warm weather has us in the mood for Spring – even if it isn’t even Valentine’s Day yet! Perfect timing too, since many of our Spring floral stems have been arriving at the store this week. With the weather and all of the new arrivals, we are working to rearrange the store and showcase all of the awesome new Spring items! For our blog this week – a few looks at the new florals and ideas for how to use them!

Spring Florals at B. Whimsy

It was fun to shop for floral this year at Market, because they are playing such an important role in home decor. Like we posted on Facebook earlier, the trend is to leave no container, tray, bowl, etc. empty. They are filled with florals and decorative balls and candles and so on!

Since florals are so central to home decor right now, some new trends have emerged. Like these earthy drop-in orbs – a new version of the moss ball. They are great to set into a planter, on a bowl or tray, or on candlesticks! Their unique design brings a new element and texture to your space.

Spring Florals by B. Whimsy

We also saw a lot of cream floral stems when were at Market. They are easy to work into any color scheme or for any season, while adding a little lightness to your space.

Spring Florals by B. Whimsy

Of course, some of the previous trends are still going strong. Like succulents. And lanterns.

Spring Florals by B. WhimsySpring Florals by B. Whimsy

If this weather has you in the mood for Spring too, stop by the store to see all the new arrivals! And don’t forget your Valentine’s Gifts – we have some new Mariana and lots of fun gift ideas!

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