A few weeks ago, Kari and Ashley headed to Dumas to decorate a home. The homeowner describes her style as pretty traditional and she loves color! As you can see in the before and after photos before, Kari and Ashley totally transformed the space – even though they used most of the items that were already in the living room.

For our blog this week, they are sharing the before and after photos, as well as 5 decorating tips for making a big impact!

A big rug to define the space and set the color pallet is one of the most important investments you can make for your home. So often, we use rugs that are too small for the space. In general, the bigger the better – and if you’re on the fence about sizes, go for the bigger one!



Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Rearrange the furniture – and pull it off the walls! Instead of lining a room with furniture, put the seating space at an angle or float a couch or set of chairs off the wall. This makes the room way more interesting and dynamic.

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Find pieces that fill up as much wall space as possible. Nothing will dwarf artwork or a piece of furniture faster than an excess of blank space.

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Use big accessories to bring focus to the fireplace. Even if you can’t decorate the mantle because of a TV, you can add accessories on the hearth or flanking the fireplace so that it is the focal point of the room.



Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

Soften the space with some floral accents and moss balls. All of the wood, metal, and glass from furniture, art, and accessories can get harsh and heavy. Balance it out with floral arrangements and some moss balls!

Home Decorating by B. Whimsy

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