We hope you’ve enjoyed our series on home decorating the last couple of weeks. We started with the unspoken players. Moved on to the stars of decorating. (Don’t forget – take 20% off one of the decorating stars we talked about in our blog, good through tomorrow!)

And now, we’re talking about the finishing touches.

Whenever our customers are hosting events or showers in their homes, a lot come to B. Whimsy to help them get ready. I confess – I’m one of those people!

This past weekend, I hosted two events at my house. With that many people going through my home, I wanted (needed!) Kari’s help to get my house ready.

She has decorated my house before – so I already had the unspoken players and the stars in place. I just needed her to add a few finishing touches to complete the look and get me ready for the parties.

Here are 5 tips to help get you ready for your next big event – whether its Easter dinner at your house this weekend, a dinner party with friends, or an upcoming shower!

1. Move your furniture around

Think about the flow of the party – where the food and drink will be located, where the presents will be, where the guest of honor will sit. And think about how guests will move through your house.

Kari offers such a great “guest” perspective. Whereas I think about where my couch should be to create the most comfortable seats for binge watching Netflix, Kari thinks about what layout looks and functions the best. Plus, moving things around and trying a new layout helps the room feel new and fresh.

Decorating by B. WhimsyDecorating by B. Whimsy

2. Finish those projects you’ve been meaning to get to…

In the almost three years that I’ve lived in my house, I’ve never taken the time to get an everyday centerpiece for my dining room. I always felt like my dining room was kinda… blah. I had even thought about buying a different china hutch, just to add more interest to the room.

With these parties coming up, it was the perfect motivation to finally get it done and add some personality to the room. Kari made this gorgeous centerpiece for me and moved some paintings and decor around so that the dining room had more color and interest. Since she added more color and texture above my existing hutch, I’m happy to keep this furniture rather than going through the cost and hassle of getting a new piece!

Floral Design by B. WhimsyDecorating by B. Whimsy

3. Spruce up your outdoors

Make the right first impression – add a welcoming wreath to your front door, some fresh plants, and some color to your topiaries. A lot of people will coordinate the ribbon on their topiaries with the theme of the party!

Floral by B. Whimsy

4. Bring life to your room

Add some greenery, floral (fresh and faux), and candles to make the room look (and smell!) fresher. These simple and inexpensive things really make such a huge difference.

For example, I had this mustard pot already, which sat empty except at Christmas. Kari brought it to life by sticking a few floral stems in it and making it a focal point in my living room.

My coffee table is another spot that I’ve had trouble decorating over the years. Except at Christmas, the things I tried to put on it just never seemed right. So, when we moved my furniture around, I started from scratch on my coffee table. First, we found the right tray for the table. We added some candles and some greenery – and for the first time, I’m happy with how my coffee table looks! The light from the candles and the greenery add such a pop of life to the room as a whole and especially to the table space that has always felt boring and underwhelming to me.

Decorating by B. Whimsy 5. Focus your decorations

Just like when you’re decorating seasonally, pick one or two spots to focus your decorations so they make a big impact. For the shower, I picked my bar to hold the food, cake, and the majority of the “themed” decorations. This took away the pressure to decorate my entire space. I had just a few smaller touches elsewhere to carry through the decor – a onsie garland for my mantle and a simple framed print by my couch.

Decorating by B. WhimsyDecorating by B. Whimsy——————————–

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and lots of chocolate! We will be open regular business hours this weekend!


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  1. Joyce
    April 3, 2015 at 2:19 pm (3 years ago)

    Absolutely fabulous!!!