We posted on Instagram yesterday that we’ve gotten in several new shipments this week. New clothes, pillows, Fall decor and floral, lamps, candles… and a furniture order that’ve been so eagerly awaiting! So, we’re featuring five new pieces of furniture for our weekly blog!

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These furniture pieces are especially special because we were able to choose custom finishes, for a unique look. The details on these pieces of furniture are amazing!

Home Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. WhimsySofa or console tables, like the one below, are such great pieces of furniture for our open concept homes. They help define rooms, while also anchoring your sofa in the space. Since they are narrow, console tables can also serve as entry pieces!

Home Decor by B. Whimsy

This gray sideboard has such a beautiful finish. Here, Kari staged it with brown and gold accents, to show how to mix modern gray and blue tones with traditional brown tones.

Home Decor by B. WhimsyOur fifth piece of furniture we got in this week is this awesome bar armoire. If you look through Pinterest or home decor magazines and blogs, you’re sure to pick up on one of the hottest trends right now – stocked and decorated bars and bar carts. We love this bar because it packs so much functionality, while also being able to fold up to look like a traditional piece of furniture.

Also, take note of the fun Grey Goose candle! This from our Unwined collection that we featured in last week’s blog. They are candles in recycled beer, wine, and liquor bottles – perfect for a bar or men’s gift!

Home Decor by B. WhimsyHome Decor by B. Whimsy

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