Isn’t it a nice feeling once all of your Christmas decor is packed away and your house feels so clean and simple?!

During your annual Spring cleaning, it’s a great time to breathe some new life into a room and redecorate. We often hear from customers and our home decor clients that they are so impressed with our ability to make a space, an item, or a piece of furniture seem new, simply by moving it or rearranging.

For our blog this week, we are sharing some tips for bringing new life to a room and getting ready for Spring!

1. Clear everything off

Take everything off your shelves. Get it off your coffee table and side tables. Clean everything off your mantle. Pile it in a “decor” room or spare space so you can get the item you need when you’re ready to start decorating again.

BeforeHome decor by B. Whimsy

2. Anchor your space with a new or different rug

Rugs are so important for making a space seem centered and anchored – like things are where they are meant to be. Since they lend so much color, pattern, and texture to a room, switching out a rug is an easy way to completely change the feel of a room.

One of our favorite rug brands, Surya, often posts one room with several rug options, asking which your favorite is. There’s not necessarily a right or a wrong – just an easy way to make the space feel new and different.

Rugs at B. Whimsy

Surya Rugs at B. Whimsy

3. Move things around

Try putting your couch on a diagonal, or switching side tables. Just changing the layout of the room will make things seem so different. And the best part – it’s easy to change again in a few months or a year.


4. Pick a new accent color 

We read an awesome analogy for thinking about accent colors for your home decor. The ratio is – 60% neutral, 30% subtle color, 10% pop of color. Think about a man’s suit – 60% neutral color in the pants and jacket; 30% subtle color in the shirt; and 10% pop of color in the tie. With your accent color being only 10% of your room, it’s easy to switch from orange to mustard. Or from lime green to turquoise.

Last year, I got this pouf and loved the colors. But, didn’t have many mustard accents to go with it. Kari helped me find the jar and some candle sticks to help pop the color through the room. It only took a couple of new pieces to bring in the new accent color and a pop of sunshine to my room!

Home Decor by B. Whimsy

5. Add some greenery or floral

The best way to make your house feel fresh and Springy – add some greenery or floral! Add a floral arrangement to a bowl that has been empty, or bring in some moss balls or a topiary for a pop of green.

Floral by B. Whimsy

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