This beautiful, warm weather has us in the mood for Spring – even if it isn’t even Valentine’s Day yet! Perfect timing too, since many of our Spring floral stems have been arriving at the store this week. With the weather and all of the new arrivals, we are working to rearrange the store and showcase all of the awesome new Spring items! For our blog this week – a few looks at the new florals and ideas for how to use them!

Spring Florals at B. Whimsy

It was fun to shop for floral this year at Market, because they are playing such an important role in home decor. Like we posted on Facebook earlier, the trend is to leave no container, tray, bowl, etc. empty. They are filled with florals and decorative balls and candles and so on!

Since florals are so central to home decor right now, some new trends have emerged. Like these earthy drop-in orbs – a new version of the moss ball. They are great to set into a planter, on a bowl or tray, or on candlesticks! Their unique design brings a new element and texture to your space.

Spring Florals by B. Whimsy

We also saw a lot of cream floral stems when were at Market. They are easy to work into any color scheme or for any season, while adding a little lightness to your space.

Spring Florals by B. Whimsy

Of course, some of the previous trends are still going strong. Like succulents. And lanterns.

Spring Florals by B. WhimsySpring Florals by B. Whimsy

If this weather has you in the mood for Spring too, stop by the store to see all the new arrivals! And don’t forget your Valentine’s Gifts – we have some new Mariana and lots of fun gift ideas!

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