A lot of people feel like they can’t decorate for any holiday other than Christmas. That they just can’t keep up with all of the seasons and holidays. That there is “Christmas” decor and floral and “everyday” decor and floral – and no time for anything else.

We, of course, say – nonsense!

For our blog this week, we are sharing simple ideas to quickly and easily add a few touches of Easter decor.

The key is to layer in items, with big impact, to highlight the various seasons and holidays, rather than completely changing your decor. Pick one or two areas to decorate – and that’s it! Focus on those areas to make a bigger impact, rather than trying to incorporate new decor throughout your house. Kari suggests a kitchen island, your coffee table, a shelf in your bookcase or builtins, or a nook.

Last week’s blog talked about how to add in Spring floral. Combine those with the following tips for quick ways to brighten up your house and celebrate the season!

1. Add Easter Stakes

If you have a floral arrangement or wreath, poke in some of these cute metal Easter Stakes for the holiday. They are also perfect for your flower beds or outdoor potted plants for some color outside!

Here, Kari staged the arrangement on a tray, perfect for decorating a kitchen island. Poke in the stakes, add a few other Easter pieces like these bunnies, get some fun Easter napkins, and you’re all set!

Easter by B. WhimsyEaster by B. WhimsyEaster by B. Whimsy

2. Get an Easter Centerpiece

A new centerpiece is one of the easiest ways to decorate for the season. This grapevine rabbit is an awesome piece because you can literally just set it on a table and you have an instant centerpiece. It makes a big statement, all by itself.

Easter by B. Whimsy

3. Add some ribbon

… to topiaries, floral arrangements, and candlesticks. Kari attaches bows with floral wire, so it’s easy to add the bows and then switch them out when a new season or holiday rolls around.

Easter by B. WhimsySpring by B. Whimsy

4. Decorate a Shelf

No need to redecorate and rearrange all of your shelves. Layer in some Easter decor that coordinates with your existing decorations. Find things that you can add in, rather than things that replace existing decor.

Easter by B. Whimsy

5. Use Easter Eggs

If you’ve spent much time at B. Whimsy or reading our blog, you know we love moss balls. They are so versatile (and, in fact, we’re planning a blog soon to show you the power of the moss ball!). For Easter, add in some colorful Easter eggs, or use an egg the same way you’d use a moss ball – on a candle stick, in a bowl or basket, and so on.

Kari’s tip for recreating this look – don’t be afraid of colors and patterns for your Spring and Easter decor. Find the ribbons and items you love, and mix them together for a unique look!

Easter by B. Whimsy

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