On our Facebook page and Instagram, we shared a few sneak peaks of a house that Kari decorated recently. One of the features in the house is a really neat and unique, sunken conversation pit surrounding a floor to ceiling brick fireplace with bookshelves on either side.

Here’s what the space looked like before:

aIMG_0019_opt And after:



It was fun to watch the transformation. After finishing this area, Kari shared her favorite tricks and tips for styling a bookshelf:

  • Adjust shelves so that they aren’t the same height or symmetrical. This gives the shelves more visual interest and helps define the space that the various accessories will sit in.
  • Use canvases or trays as backgrounds to bring color to the shelves and anchor the accessories.
  • Don’t use too many picture frames! Pick your favorite and best family photos and display them in beautiful frames.
  • Lamps are an easy way to add diversity and color.
  • Diversity is so important to keep your eye moving through the space. So, mix shapes – use round, square, tapered, oblong…
  • And, most importantly, use fewer pieces that make a big statement, rather than several items that don’t make much of a statement at all.


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