On the 4th Day of Christmas…

If you haven’t been following along on Facebook, we have been celebrating the Christmas Season with 12 Days of Christmas.

On the 1st Day of Christmas, we gave away a Christmas Cheer Package.
(Winner has been announced)

Christmas by B. Whimsy

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, we sent out a 20% off coupon
to our Mobile Community members.
(Valid through November 8)

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, we featured 3 Christmas Outfits,
with 10% off if you buy at least 3 of the featured items.
(Valid November 4, 5, and 6)

Today, on the 4th Day of Christmas, we are featuring some of our new Christmas candles. Here are four of our favorites:

Nest Candles have quickly become a customer favorite, and we are sure that the Christmas scents will be the perfect addition to your home or office for the Holidays. They scents are amazing, and the containers are lovely!

Christmas by B. Whimsy

In addition to Nest, we started carrying Mixture candles this year too. Their Fall scents sold out fast, and we can’t wait to hear what you think of the Christmas scents. We have Holiday Yule and Siberian Fir here at the store!

Candles at B. Whimsy

Frasier Fir has been a long-time customer favorite. We have it back in stock, as well as a new scent by the same company – Gingerbread.

Candle by B. Whimsy

DPM is another perennial favorite. These candles have a strong and robust scent, plus a pretty and colorful jar. We have several everyday scents, as well as their seasonal scents – Orange Clove, Spice, and Juniper Twig.

Candles at B. Whimsy

Today only, buy 1 candle get 1 50% off on all 1, 2, and 3 wick candles!


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Friday Five :: Home Fragrances

If we had a Frequently Asked Questions section on our website, one of the questions would be, “How can I make my house smell better??”

We have gotten in several new shipments of candles, diffusers, and other home fragrances in the last week, so we’re tackling this often asked question today for our Friday Five!

1. Lamp Rings

Home by B. Whimsy

Use a few drops of the oil on the ring and set it on the light bulb. The warmth from the light bulbs heat the lamp rings, releasing a burst of fragrance. These are great if you have guests coming over and need a quick refresher. The fragrance is strong – but it only lasts a few hours.

Comes in fragrances like lemon, French Lavender, pine, and more!

2. Reed Diffusers

Home by B. Whimsy

These are great for bathrooms or other small spaces. They release a constant aroma that really makes a big impact in these smaller rooms.

Diffusers are also a great option if you don’t like burning candles or have little kids around!

3. Seasonal Scents

Home by B. Whimsy

A lot of people find a favorite scent and stick with it. Try switching it up with a seasonal scent – you’ll notice the fragrance more if you change it regularly. We just got in some of our Fall scents: Pumpkin Chai from Nest; Fall Harvest and Pumpkin Spice from Mixture; and Orange Clover and Spice from Traviata.

4. Big Candles

Home by B. Whimsy

In your big rooms, opt for a 3-wick or 5-wick candle to fill up the open spaces. They are a little more expensive – but they last for months!

5. Tyler Wash, Dryer Sheets, and Room Spray

Home by B. Whimsy

We have decided to stop carrying the Tyler Candles (score some on 50% off right now!) but we will continue to carry the laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and room spray. One of our favorite tips: wash your sheets with the Tyler laundry detergent and the subtle scent will fill your bedroom! We’ve also heard from customers that they like to put the dryer sheets in their drawers to keep them smelling fresh!


Are you on Instagram? So are we (@b_whimsy)! Follow us for behind the scenes pics, before and afters, and other fun news from the store! 

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Adding Color :: Living and Family Room Decorating

This homeowner has a beautiful home – but wanted some color in her main living areas. Kari added several floral arrangements and lots of pops of blue through accessories, art, and lamps.

Here are some of the “after” photos:







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Featured Item: Safa Iron Water Pot

B. Whimsy - Water Pot

We’re starting a new regular feature on our blog, where we highlight one thing from the store that we’re really excited to share with you. It could be something new we just got in, something that is really catching our eye, or maybe something we just put on sale.

For week 1, we’re excited to share this gorgeous water pot. It was hand painted by artisans in South America, meaning that each piece in the line is slightly different and a truly unique addition to your home. We have several different pieces in a similar style – stools, barrels, etc.

Stop by the store to see this beautiful pot in person – or call to reserve it today!